Hmm … A delicious piece of pork can always taste good. But are you an adventurous person and do you enjoy experimenting in the kitchen? Then play with a delicious piece of pork meat. We tell you 4 ways how you can fry pork meat with 4 different but explosive flavors!

Pure nature

The real taste of delicious pork meat can conquer many hearts (or stomachs). A juicy rib, pork tenderloin or a classic cutlet. Do you also love pure natural pork? Then experiment with different baking techniques: on the grill, on the pan or on the barbecue.

Lacquering pork meat

Marinating and painting, it seems the same technique, but there is a difference. We have been marinating pork meat in Flemish cuisine for a long time. Just think of a summer barbecue full of delicious, hours of marinated meat. Lacquering, on the other hand, will add flavor to the meat as well as adding flavor. It gives the pork a thin, shiny and crispy layer. Lacquering starts with making a marinade, in which it is best to have the meat withdrawn the day before. Once the meat has marinated for several hours, collect the excess marinade and let it cook well. This creates a thick varnish. Brush your pork with the varnish and place it on the fire. Repeat the lacquering a few times to get a nice glossy effect.

prepare pork meat

Pickling pork

To preserve your meat package for longer, you can also brine your meat in addition to storing the meat in the freezer. Pickling not only ensures a longer storage time but will also strongly enhance the taste of the meat and the meat will become even more tender. You can wet pickle or dry pickle:

    • Wet brining is putting your meat in water with salt and herbs. The salt bath will ensure that the meat absorbs the water and the taste of the salt, making the meat very tender.
    • Dry brining is to put your meat in a salt crust and let the salt withdraw. The salt will extract the moisture from the meat and is ideal for a dried ham. After a week in the salt crust, rub the meat clean and let it ripen for a full taste.

Breading pork meat

Breading meat will ensure that the meat is protected from the high heat of the fire, keeping the meat very juicy while the crust will provide a crispy twist. Breading often happens first with a layer of flour, then a layer of protein and a layer of breadcrumbs. The last layer is also often replaced by many other breadcrumbs: panko, spice mix, seeds, and more.

Do you like to experiment with pork? Baking, breading, marinating, painting, and more will give your tasty piece of meat a nice extra.

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